why do female mantis eat the male

It’s something I’ve been wondering about for quite some time. I mean, they just can’t help themselves. They’re creatures of habit. They’re not going to eat the male. They wouldn’t survive it.

The female mantis probably just looks so cute and harmless, with its tiny legs and little mouth, that it can’t resist the idea of a tasty snack.

There are two possible answers to this. One is that the female has a biological advantage and its just easier for her to choose which sex to mate with than the male. This is a common thing for creatures that are sexually dimorphic (e.g. birds). It is also possible that the female mantis is just so tiny and that its easier to consume the male.

The other possible explanation is that the male mantis is so tasty that it is not a competition and it chooses to eat the female, or at least it is so tough that it is making it difficult for the male to compete.

I’m not sure if the idea of a female mantis eating a male is common, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not a bad idea. It may not be as bad as it sounds.

The second explanation is that the female mantis is a species that can grow to over 100 kg when they die. If they die, the females will be very small and will eat all of the males they find in their cage. The male mantis will eat all of them.

And I think the reason that this isn’t a bad idea is because its a very effective way of getting a female to eat the male that’s not there. Its not really a good idea, but it works.

This is true as well. If your mantis is a bit smaller and much more aggressive than the other males, that leaves you with a very small chance of getting a female to eat you. What you can do is make the male mantis less aggressive, but to make him less aggressive you have to make the female mantis much smaller. This can be done in a different way, though. There are different ways to make a female mantis smaller.

By making the female mantis smaller, you can make it easier for the male to eat you. But you can also lower the female’s mating success. This is because it doesn’t matter whether the male mantis is smaller, so there’s always a male. And if a female mantis is a bit smaller, the male will still have a chance to mate with her.

It’s important to note that the male mantis is a tiny bit smaller than the female. With a very small female, that’s the thing that makes it easier for the male to mate. In fact, if a female mantis is a bit larger, the more she will mate with her, the more she will mate with her. In the case of a lot of males, that’s why they’re so big.

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