vijay birthday 2021

I am sure you’ve all heard of Vijay, the man who has no-one to celebrate his birthday. I love him, but he is not here so I will be the man to do it for him.

For the first time in a long while, I got to celebrate Vijay’s birthday. I made it a tradition to celebrate his birthday with him in Singapore, so I have no excuse not to do it again. Not only does Vijay not have anyone to celebrate his birthday with in the world, but he has no idea what to do with his birthday. He’s decided that a party, a beach, and a goody bag will be enough.

Well, that’s not it. I have a few suggestions, though. First, just like last year, the party should be at a beach. Not the beach in Singapore, but a beach-like park. The party should be at night, but this is not a big deal. Also, the party will be held at the same time as Vijay’s birthday.

That means that Vijay will have to wait until the next day to turn birthday. However, this time around, he has the benefit of being able to go to the party with his new best friend, Nikhil, and the benefit of being able to use the birthday-themed gifts his best friend has sent him.

Speaking of Vijay, Nikhil, and Nikhil’s friend Nithyan, the party is also themed around Nithyan’s new best friend, Nithyan, and the fact that Nithyan has been the best friend of Vijay’s for years. It is also hinted that Nithyan has been planning for Vijay’s birth for a while now and that he has been trying to give Vijay one of his own.

All of the parties, which include Vijays, Nikhil, Nithyan, and Nithyan’s friend Nikhil, will be themed around Vijays new best friend, Nikhil, and the fact that Vijay’s birthday is coming in a few days.

Of course, the birthday theme is the obvious choice for an episode of Vijay and Nikhil-centric show, but it’s also interesting to note that Vijay has been planning his birthday for years and it’s his birthday in just four days. The best part of it is that Vijay’s birthday comes in just four days because it’s still a week until his birthday.

Though we’ve already seen how Vijay and Nikhil’s friendship has been tested in recent episodes, the theme of their birthday is probably one of the most important aspects of the episode. It shows Vijay’s resolve to stand up for what he believes to be right, and at the same time, his fear of the unknown. We can also see Nithyan’s birthday coming up, which is yet another reason why we can’t wait to watch this episode.

Vijay’s birthday is a great way to end the episode because if you dont know who he is or what he stands for, you cant really guess what he might do. The idea behind this being that he may have to face the same situation that the rest of us will in the future and be forced to make some tough choices. He may even have to live with the regret that he didnt make the choice sooner and saved everyone from all this.

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