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I have always felt the need to have something to write because I am always on the go. It is usually the people who are the most active and have the most to say. I believe that my life is full of stories, so I love the idea of a writer.

Well, yeah, but I’m also an artist. It’s a big difference. I draw, write, and paint too, but because of the “creative” aspect of my work, I am often on the go, and I also write on the go. It’s why I get to do what I like doing right now.

So I am going to say it again: I am an artist, but not just any artist, I am a painter. You can never have too many paintings. I have always had a particular interest in nature and its beauty. I grew up in the countryside of the Netherlands, and I did not want to leave. So I took a painting course in high school, and that is what I do now.

I’ve been painting with my dad since I was about 10 years old. He is the one who got me interested in art, and he passed away two years ago. He was a painter as well, and I remember he used to sit for him as he did his landscape paintings, and he would say “you should paint something like this.

I’m sorry for the lack of updates here, but we’re still going through some changes and I’m just now starting to get back into my regular blogging routine. So I’ll be back soon with a fresh batch of content.

I’ve been painting for about 15 years. I started out by doing it because my dad was a painter, and it provided me with an outlet to express myself. I still do it because I enjoy it, but there are many other things I enjoy doing as well. I paint because I like it, and because I like to share it. I try not to use a lot of brushes because you can’t really keep up with the amount of brushes on the market.

I’m on my own here, and I can’t use too many. But if you take some time to get your hands on some brushes and brush up on your own, I think your style would be much more interesting.

I have to go. I don’t know you. I feel bad enough for you. But I think you should give this a chance. It may not be the most exciting first impression, but if you put a little effort into it, and show it to people, they will like it.

I think it’s very hard to give the impression that you know what you’re doing when you paint. I know I do a lot of painting, but I think I always feel that I’m just starting. So I want to be as honest with myself as I can.

There is a reason why I put “started painting” as a tagline on my blog. It was during a time where I had no other outlet for my passion, and I found that painting was one of the few things I could do in a comfortable way for myself. I am sure that you can relate! I know I still paint a lot, but I feel that I have a way of doing it that makes it more fun and less stressful.

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