farmers protest kmp expressway

On Thursday, June 21, 2016, farmers in Illinois and Wisconsin blocked the entrance to the Kentucky-Northern Indiana Parkway, a part of the U.S. Highway 50 corridor that is one of the most heavily traveled roadways in the country. It is a protest for the construction of a new expressway that connects the two states. The highway was to be built through a portion of the rural counties of northern Illinois and Wisconsin. The protesters blocked the roadway in protest of the proposed expressway.

The farmers decided to block the highway at two locations, which is why the road is blocked rather than cut. The first protest was in the town of Washington, Illinois, on the Illinois side of the highway. The protesters were angry that the highway would go through the town and that the highway would be built through rural areas.

The second protest was in the town of Cudjoe, Wisconsin, on the Wisconsin side of the highway. They were angry at the highway blocking their view of the lake, which is a popular fishing place.

The farmers are upset with the project itself, as well as with the fact that the project will block their views of the lake. The state of Wisconsin says it is trying to build roads that allow people who don’t have cars to get around to get around. The project is part of the $12.5 billion state’s largest highway bond program.

The project is now in a legal process, with the farmers protesting outside the Wisconsin government building. It’s not clear exactly what they plan to do, but the fact that it’s on the government’s website suggests that they plan to hold a protest outside the building.

In the video, you can hear the farmers saying “We’re not trying to get anywhere near this! We’re trying to get over there!”, but given that the project is in a legal process, I would guess someone is trying to get the state government to back down.

How will we respond to the threat, or how will we respond to the threat? The threat can be pretty simple. We’ll be waiting for the police to come out, but we can’t wait for them to come out. Our most common response is to make sure the police are there. When it happens, we will know who is on duty. We know who is on duty when it’s all over and we know who is on duty when it’s all over.

I don’t want to live in a state that has its drivers’ licenses revoked just for being in a rural area.

The state can and should consider all sorts of ways to better protect all of its citizens from crime. But for the first time since 2000, Illinois has no driver’s licenses. The result of that is that the state is more and more reliant on the Kmart Expressway. Chicago has to travel three miles, just to get to its office. Illinoisans who live in urban areas will now have to travel three miles to get to the nearest store.

A lot of good people in the city are planning to get to the store.

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