being cool

The very best way to be cool is to be comfortable. It is the same reason we wear coats and sweaters. Comfort is something we seek out and crave. It is the very thing that makes us feel better. We can’t have a hot day without some type of jackets, sweaters, or coats.

Comfort is the easiest way to kill your self-esteem but it has a drawback, at least in the digital world. We can be cool, comfortable, and fashionable, all at the same time, and we can never live up to our full selves. We can have a lot of cool things in our life like a big house or nice cars, but if we don’t know our body is aching, we can feel like we are just pretending.

Well, we arent pretending. We are actually trying to be cool while having fun. We are just having fun in the moment while trying to be cool and comfortable at the same time. If we were trying to be cool and comfortable in the moment, we wouldnt have a hot day. We would be cool and comfortable all day, and for a short time in the afternoon, and then we would get hot again.

Coolness is just another word for being relaxed. If we are cool, then our bodies are relaxed. This makes our body and mind feel like we are comfortable, and at the same time, we are relaxed. When we are relaxed, we are not thinking, “I’m going to take a nap or chill out or do something productive,” but instead, “I’m going to chill out and do something productive.

We are all different people, and what we do all day is unique. There is no way to know what your body will do all day, because it all depends on your mind. When we take a break from what we are doing, our minds need a break too. When you are cool, you simply rest. Once you are cool, you do what you want to do. If you are hot, you just get back to the task.

Being cool is all about being present. It is the feeling of being fully alive. Coolness is, as one of the other authors said, a state of being where we don’t think about things or worry about them. Being cool means that we are not self-conscious. We don’t feel the need to be anything other than that. Being cool is like a game in itself.

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