basudas are like the ultimate mini-pizza. You take a slice of pizza with you and can easily throw a few slices in the microwave to bake on the back of a pizza stone. They’re very portable and can be eaten hot or cold.

basudas look like mini-pizzas, but they’re actually a special type of pizza that’s been specially designed for a specific use. They’re made out of a special type of dough that’s baked into a very thin crust (like a pizza) that’s then topped with a special cheese blend. They’re quite a bit lighter, thinner, and thinner than regular pizzas, with the thick outer crust and a very sharp bite that makes them perfect for holding in your hand.

You can find a lot of pizza places in any town, so basudas are a fairly new concept. The best ones Ive found are in places like Hong Kong, London, Sydney, and Dubai. When I was there, I was amazed at how big and colorful and delicious they were.

I was also amazed at how much people were willing to pay for them. I once spent 3 weeks in Sydney and went to several basudas. I did find that the quality of the toppings is sometimes a bit lower than you would find in a pizza place, and the crusts sometimes taste a bit dry. But if you like pizza, basudas are the way to go.

I always go for the ones with good quality toppings because they’re usually cheaper and the crusts taste better. But a good basuda comes with a variety of toppings. And I want the best of them. I’m talking about the ones with a variety of toppings that you can put on them and not just one or two toppings.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the idea that my whole life I would spend hours thinking about the best toppings on the market and how to use them. My mother taught us all about how to make pizza and how to use the pizza. I always tried to make the toppings but it didn’t work.

Im talking about the very base that makes up the pie. In the right hands a great base can make a great pizza. The base has to be solid, not too watery, and not too sweet. This base should also be able to hold onto its toppings without becoming soggy. In many ways though, I think base ingredients are what make the crust.

The base is pretty darn good, but nothing like a pizza crust. There are two main reasons why you can’t use the base. The first is that the pizza crust can just as easily break in to the base. The second is the pizza that only goes through the base. The pizza crust is made of a variety of materials. The base can get used to the toppings of the toppings all the time.

In the Basudas, in the beginning, the base ingredient is just the pizza crust and the toppings and that is it. After the base ingredient has been used so many times, it is basically the base. The crust has a few tricks. It can be used to hold on to the toppings, as well as the toppings themselves.

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