about suresh raina in hindi

this is a story from an interview in which she talks about the importance of the practice of awareness.

Suresh Raina is definitely one of the most interesting people in Indian film. She may or may not have been the first actress to play a female lead in Hindi cinema, but she’s definitely one of the first to have a film directed by a woman, and she’s probably also the first Indian woman to star in a blockbuster film. She’s not the most gifted actress, but that doesn’t mean she was incapable of making a good performance.

In an interview with me, she described herself as a “self-aware person.

Not a bad thing to be, but some movies and television shows are so self-aware that they start to look like a self-aware person. In fact, in the case of Suresh Raina, there is a lot of overlap between herself and being self-aware. Like every actor, Suresh Raina has a self-awareness of being in a performance. Every time she is called upon to play a character, she knows that they are just a role.

It’s not as if you’re a performer, but it’s certainly a good thing for you. The more time you spend with someone, the more they know what you’re doing, and the closer you are to becoming a performer. It’s not just about the performance. Sometimes it’s about being a performer and being aware of your performance. In the case of Suresh Raina, the performance is about being an actor, not a performer.

She has been called upon to play a lot of characters. A character can be a part of a story, a character can be just a part of the story or a character can be the most important part of the story. You can’t be the main character of a story. You cant be important to the story.

As the story goes on, the audience learns about how Suresh Raina was born in a small village in the middle eastern region of India, to play a small part in a large play. In addition to being an actor, she is also a performer. She is the main character in the story.

The reason a character is important is that the main character is in a position of power in the story. You can’t really explain this to people who are on a first-name basis. It’s like a movie. It’s in the movie voice only.

As a director, I always think of my characters as the audience. If I’m directing in a movie, I want my characters to feel a part of the story. That’s why I always think you need to have a character that has a role in the story. If you don’t have a character that has a role in the story, the audience will get frustrated.

In this case, the character that the audience needs to see is Raina, the lead character of the story. She’s a powerful party girl who doesn’t have a role in the story. So as the director, I want Raina to be a part of the story. I want her to feel the pain and frustration of the audience. I want her to have a role in the story and thus be a part of the audience.

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