What Would the World Look Like Without अल्लू?

The Hindi word “अल्लू” literally means “to turn, turn.” To turn (अल्लू) is to turn something around, or to turn something in one direction; the direction of the sun. This word has many different meanings in Hindi. In our world, it has to do with the turning of light from one place to another (e.g., a computer screen turns on).

In other words, the word has to do with a turning of the light beam from one point to another e.g., the sun’s rays turn to a point when it sets. In our world, it has to do with turning out of a point. And in our world, it has to do with the turning of light from one point to another in a different direction e.g., a screen is turned 180 degrees.

It is very often used to describe rotating, turning, or turning a direction or point e.g., a car turns to the left e.g., a car turns into the road.

For the uninitiated this might mean just about anything. We have used it in the past to mean the turning of our head or the turning of our eyes, or the turning of our hand to the left or right e.g., the turning of a camera lens or a telescope.

This is a very common use of the verb nā. It can also be used to mean “to turn,” “to turn,” “to turn to” or “to turn to”.

In the past we would use this verb to mean to turn, to turn, to turn to or to turn to. We could say it to mean a turn in a direction, a turn in a direction and a turn to the left or the right.

Nouns and verbs that end in -ly are very common in Hindi. This is most apparent in the form namna, which means “to turn.

This is why you can find so many idiomatic Hindi uses of namna or the verb namna.

Namna is another common Hindi verb meaning to turn. The verb namna can be used to mean a turn, a turn, a turn to the left or a turn to the right. In Hindi the pronoun namna is used to mean the person, a person who is turning. It is most often used with the verb nama.

So in Hindi the word nama is often used both to mean the person who is turning around in the direction of the verb, as well as to mean a turn towards a verb. This is important because this is the one thing that people tend to forget when trying to figure out Hindi. It is also important because namna can also be used to mean to turn towards something.

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